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Humans find comfort in a fuzzy blanket, or in a cozy sweater while horses feel comfy and safe in a new type of "bandage". Keep reading!

The “Body Bandage” has two important functions:

* It prevents sores from forming. If sores are already present, the "Body Bandage” allows the horse to be worked without further aggravating the injury.

* It's made of a high tech elastic which is light and soft but at the same time extremely resistant. When used regularly it prevents sores and rubbing from occurring as it acts as a second layer of skin. It is also great for use by inexperienced riders whose legs cause excessive movement. Because of its delicate nature, it does not hinder the horse’s performance.

The resistance of the elastic has been tested and retested and not even once has it torn or ripped. However, using sharp spurs with the “Body Bandage" is obviously strictly forbidden.

How is it made? The “Body Bandage” is 25 cm. wide and its length varies from 170 cm to 185 cm. It’s available in two sizes: COB and FULL. The elastic allows the skin to breathe and it is very resistant.

The "Body Bandage" is wrapped around the body of the horse in the saddle area, in direct contact with the fur, with Velcro fastening closure underneath (soft "sheepskin" ensures no rubbing from the Velcro).

The two light but resistant plastic clips fasten the Body Bandage to the D-rings of the saddle, thus holding it in position. The dog-clips are adjustable so the bandage can be placed at the exact point that requires most protection. The four side straps which attach to the girth also prevents the Body Bandage from slipping backwards. These are adjustable to fit the various types of girth found on the market.

After use, the "Body Bandage" can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C. Just use a normal powder detergent and a short spin cycle.

This bandage is truly an amazing item your four legged friend will love for sure! 

Happy trotting! 

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